About Us

The Newcomers Network is a three pillars model with the main goal to reach the international community. The purpose of the Newcomers Network Website is to create a platform designed for the international community living in the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main region.

The Newcomers Network was originally founded by Mr. David Hart, a former News Editor for the Wall Street Journal Europe and Managing Editor for English-language publications at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Originally coming from America, an expat in Germany, Mr. Hart truly understood the importance of having „a point of information“ as a newcomer in a new city. Therefore, with a great passion and motivation, he founded the unique tradition of the Newcomers Festival and the Newcomers Guide. Mr. Hart is an essential part of the Newcomers Network as a Senior Adviser.

Newcomers Festival 2017

Newcomers Network – „3 Pillars Model“

Newcomers Festival

The first pillar is the Newcomers Festival. It is held annually since 2001 on the first Sunday in September in the Frankfurt town hall, the Römer. The Newcomers Festival is a family-oriented exhibition fair of services and organizations for the expatriate community such as relocation companies, international schools, health insurances etc. Last year the festival was attended by 5.000 visitors from 30 countries and 60 exhibitors.

For more information, consult our website at www.newcomers-festival.de.

Newcomers Guide

The Newcomers Guide is another practical tool designed to help English-speaking expats get off to a good start in the region. Published annually since 2002, this 120-page publication is an essential reference guide that takes readers step-by-step through the process of adjusting to life in the region.

Here you can take a look inside the Newcomers Guide 2019 Edition:

Newcomers Guide – Welcome to Frankfurt Rhein Main

Newcomers Network Website

The Newcomers Network Website is a platform that provides information on a wide range of topics essential for expats to have a smooth start in their new home and above all to explore and enjoy their stay in Germany. Here they can find information about different service providers in the area such as relocation companies, health insurances, banking and finance, international schools, driving and language schools, non-profit organizations, clubs, museums, theatres, tourism & many more. On the webpage, the expats can also register for the International Stammtisch (Round Table), which takes place every Monday of the month.

International Stammtisch

Dr. Stefan Söhngen and Dr. Alexander Bode – The new Management Team

Since September 2018, the Newcomers Network has a new management team, the R3LATION GmbH. Under the business management of Dr. Stefan Söhngen and Dr. Alexander Bode, the unique tradition of the Newcomers Network will continue being an excellent point of information for all expats and will further develop its range of products.

Dr. Stefan Söhngen and Dr. Alexander Bode are the Managing Directors of R3lation GmbH, which provides solutions in the area of professional networking, reputation building and relationship management.