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1. Newcomers Network Website – Online Advertising

The Newcomers Network Website is an English-language online community designed to connect people, who are either planning to move, or have just arrived in Germany and need help getting started. It also helps companies and organizations drive traffic to their websites.


Top Banner The most prominent advertisement on the homepage. Format: 728 x 90 Pixel


Basic Banner Can be placed on every page. Format: 300 x 250 Pixel


Content Ad Appears between or next to a text relevant for your company/organization Format: 300 x 600 Pixel


Maxi Ad Can be placed on different pages with a similar content (i.e. blogs) Format: 300 x 600 Pixel


Featured Listing – Business directory Database of Businesses & Services, includes company name, contact information, logo and text, linked to your website.


Newsletter Exclusive Ad is placed directly on the top of the Newsletter, linked image of your company or advertisement, pixel: 800 – 1200, text about your company or campaign.


Newsletter Ad Ad is placed under the welcoming text, linked image of your company or advertisement, pixel: 800 – 1200, short text about your company or campaign.


Social Media Social Media activities on our Newcomers Network Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Xing, LinkedIn: linking, image posts, short English texts, Instagram takeover.

2. The Newcomers Guide – Print

The Newcomers Guide is a practical and essential handbook about living and working in the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main region. Specifically targeted at the international community, the Newcomers Guide takes readers step-by-step through the process of adjusting to life in the region. Published annually since 2001, the Newcomers Guide is continually updated with the latest information to help newcomers find their way in the new and unfamiliar surroundings. Advertising in the Newcomers Guide is a highly-targeted way to reach the 50.000 expatriates in the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main region.

3. Newcomers Festival – Exhibition

The Newcomers Festival is a family-oriented, informative event that helps the international community get a good start in the Frankfurt Rhein-Main region and get information about living, working, leisure time etc. Our entertainment program and the regional cuisine complete this unique Festival!

Registration Deadline: 8 July, 2019
Festival Date: 8 September 2019

Registration Sheets and Advertising Contact. Any questions? We are here to help.